The Rules

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I would like to say that there are no rules here, but every civilized society needs at least some rules.  That said, believe that it is our goal to keep those to a minimum…

This is an open community forum.  That means that essentially anything goes.  No topics are out of bounds, though we hope the goal of our participants is honest community engagement.  Anyone can author posts and make comments to current posts.  To avoid spammers, you will be required to register a valid name and email that may be verified before your first posting is allowed.  After that you are on your own.  Now saying this, please be aware that all local, state and federal laws still apply.  You publish something that violates these laws, and it will most certainly be taken down and you may suffer both civil and criminal consequences.  So be cool!  If for example you want to include an image or video in your posting, make sure you have rights to that media, it is covered under Fair Use or is in the Public Domain.  Also, if you want to say something mean about someone, understand that libel laws do apply.


Advertising on the Meadow Lane Neighborhood forum is FREE!  That’s right!  While you may post advertisements in the public postings section, we ask that instead you submit your ads so they may be placed in or advertising rotation.  We do this to support the area businesses that support this community with both products and employment opportunities.

Real estate advertising is also allowed, but we would ask that realtors restrict their listings here to properties for sale or rent in the Meadow Lane neighborhood.

All area trading, bartering and garage/yard sales are always allowed.

Abuse of this privilege to advertise may result in some restrictions being placed.  We simply cannot have the entire posting page filled with advertisements.


We want to encourage area residents to become our writers and reporters.  Know someone in the neighborhood that deserves some recognition?  Interview and write about them!  Know of a crime or other even that deserves attention or maybe you know of an event coming up?  Fill us in by giving the Who, What, Where, Why and How.  Ultimately, this forum becomes what you make it.

Political opinion and support for political representatives, candidates or initiatives is also welcome.  If you would be welcomed in a parade, you are certainly welcome here.  We also encourage representatives to answer questions of readers and engage in discussion.  That said, we know politics has become increasingly divisive, so we ask that civility be always at the forefront of your mind.  Remember, this is your neighbors you are speaking to and anything you say here will not only affect others but may have a profound affect on your own reputation.


While we want everything to be as open as possible here, we recognize that there are certain situations that we simply haven’t foreseen.  As our primary goal is to serve the betterment of the community, we will adjust these policies as needed.  Our hope is that we won’t need to.  Oh…. And everything you just read also applies to all social media presences of the Meadow Lane Neighborhood Forum; such as Facebook.